The CLIL-VET Network was designed for vocational teachers, institutions related to VET, experts, researchers, institutions responsible for teacher training. This online platform is a professional source of information on CLIL and it contains every product of the CLIL-VET project: reports, framework, multimedia and lesson plans.

The main objective of the Network is to promote the CLIL-VET model in vocational schools. The specific objectives of the Network include:

  • promotion of high-quality language education in vocational schools;
  • raising language competences of vocational students;
  • exchange of experience of vocational teachers and institutions using CLIL methodology;
  • supporting the implementation of innovative solutions based on CLIL methodology;
  • popularizing CLIL methodology among people associated with vocational education.

Membership in the Network is voluntary and free of charge.

Membership in the Network is conditioned by:

We encourage you to join the CLIL-VET Network where you can share your queries and problems, find the best solutions and increase the quality of teaching in vocational schools as a result of sharing data and ideas between the Network’ s members.

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